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Monday, 18 March 2013

Four Madeira's, oldest 1875 Moscatel

ABSL Malvasia Reserva Velha:
Amber with golden rim. Apricots, raisins, pure and fruity as always from ABSL. Fresh acidity, lively, almost creamy texture, refined, nuanced and elegant, lovely length. 91

1905 D'Oliveiras Verdelho Reserva:
Amber, orange-green rim. Some VA, nose a bit closed, not quite optimal bottle. Fresh and hig acidity, lively, better palate, powerful fruit, intense, but lacks some nuances. Long. 91

1907 D'Oliveiras Malvazia Reserva:
Deep amber, yellow green  rim. Intense, rich and fruity nose, caramel and figs. Rich palate, fresh acidity, sweet, maybe even for Malvazia, but a very refreshing lemon touch to refreshen things. Very long. 95

1875 D'Oliveiras Moscatel Reserva:
Almost brown, amber hue. Rich nose, very mature, somewhat grapey, apricots, and dried fruits. Rich, playful acidity, more oxidized style, very long. Fresher, livelier and more nuanced than last bottle. 94

Friday, 31 August 2012

1907 D'Oliveiras Moscatel

1907 D'Oliveiras Moscatel:
Deep amber. Again grapey and a whiff of citrus over sultanas and apricots. Fresh acidity, livelier than the 1875, and a bit leaner. Playfull and long. 94

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Visit at D'Oliveiras, 3 Malvazia's

1907 D'Oliveiras Malvazia;
90 years in barrel (Note gone) 88

1895 D'Oliveiras Malvazia;
More than 100 years in barrel. Deep amber, very closed, some sweet raisins, extremelly elegant, transparent and tender, great balance between acidity and sweetness, long length. 89

1875 D'Oliveiras Malvazia;
Deep amber, again lighter oxidation, some citrus, floral notes, tar, raisins, reminds me of an old Barolo in it's flavours, massive acidity, very complex and quite intence, very long finish. 90

My notes from this trip was damaged by water, both during some heavy rains on the trip to Madeira, and also after a leak in my kitchen back home in the apartment I lived at the time, so some notes are gone, others not complete.