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Saturday, 5 November 2011

40 years of Dom Perignon, old is fantastic!

Almost like any normal range of aperitif?

1969 Dom Perignon;
Pale amber, mushrooms, minerals, oxidized apples and orange marmalade. Fresh acidity, focused, mature and mouthwatering, layered, fresh finish, one of the best 69 DP's I've had. 94

1966 Dom Perignon;
Pale amber, feels young compared to some from the seventies, complex, refined, layered, enormous nose! Gorgeous mousse and texture, lively acidity, minerals, mature and at peak? Long. 97

Some of the tasters in deep concentration

1964 Dom Perignon;

Pale amber, pink hue, again this young feel, young as in the 66. Similar style as well, but this with more lemon candy and a touch of caramel, just to make it slightly more fat. Superb texture, superb acidity, layered, complex, stunning length. 98

And some more

1962 Dom Perignon;

Amber, good acidity, mousse almost gone, not that interesting nose, mushroom finish. 82

Frank Herfjord wondering if he should have gone into the world of Bordeaux instead?

1961 Dom Perignon;

There were supposed to be forty yers you say, and I will tell you, yes I know! But our host Rake had a 1961 that felt lonely, so here it comes. Amber, oxidized, tired..... Nothing much, but even so, always surprising that RR just happens to have something like this laying around.... Well, surprising.....

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